The Magellan Constellation Club™ is  our membership program, offering exclusive extras to our valued Clients.

In addition to providing you with exclusive access to our preferred rates, Magellan Constellation Club™ benefits range from early access to our sales events to specially negotiated extra amenities available at a select group of properties in our curated collection of the world’s top hotels.

The Magellan Constellation Club™ offers a range of levels to suit your needs:


Silver Star

Silver Star is our entry level of membership, and is free of charge.

Upon enrolment Silver Star membership provides access to our uniquely negotiated and preferred rates, as well as outstanding service and knowledgeable advice from our Hotel Experience Consultants.

Returning Clients are automatically signed up for Silver Star, and we welcome our new Clients to this complimentary level of membership.

Membership at the Silver Star level is automatically renewed each year.


Gold Star

Gold Star is our premium level of membership.

For a nominal annual fee, in addition to Silver Star level benefits, Gold Star members also receive:

  • Access to a dedicated phone line with front-of-the-line service to meet all your luxury hotel booking needs
  • 48 hour advance preview of all of our sales and specials
  • A package of exclusive extras that you’ll enjoy each time you stay at a participating property

Gold Star membership in the Magellan Constellation Club™ is good for one year from the date of enrolment. We’ll contact you when it’s time to renew your membership.


Regardless of the membership tier you select, we're confident that you’ll see value right from your first booking.

We’ll be expanding the range and value of benefits of the Magellan Constellation Club™ throughout the year.

Enrolment is easy. Simply call one of our Hotel Experience Consultants at 1-866-784-6726 to set up your new Client membership account.

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