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What is Magellan Vacations?

Magellan Vacations is a world leader in high-service luxury hotel reservations. Magellan Vacations is a group of hotel experience consultants who find you the best luxury hotel for your stay. We will get you a better hotel than you thought you could afford.

What is Magellan Luxury Hotels?

Magellan Luxury Hotels is the name of Magellan Vacations' luxury hotel collection. Magellan Luxury Hotels is focused only on luxury hotels. Magellan Luxury Hotels offers the same level of extraordinary service that you expect from Magellan Vacations. Magellan Luxury Hotels will find you the best luxury hotel for your stay. We will get you a better hotel than you thought you could afford.

Why do you have better rates?

We have negotiated better rates with our luxury hotel partners, on the condition we don’t post the rates online. We give you the discount over the phone. Our rates are discounted far more than anything advertised online.

How do I access the rates?

All you need to do is call or email us. At Magellan Luxury Hotels we need to talk to you to give you the best service possible. Just as a tailor needs to measure, we need to ask a few questions to find your best fit. We can narrow down a sea of hotels to a handful. Once you choose your hotel, we can access exclusive rates.

How much does it cost to use?

Magellan Luxury Hotels services are complimentary. We give you access to exclusive rates, while ensuring you the best luxury hotel experience possible. • No booking fees • No service fees • No holding fees • No Magellan Luxury Hotels cancellation fees

Do I pay Magellan Luxury Hotels?

You pay the hotel, just like a booking through the hotel.

Who pays Magellan Luxury Hotels?

The hotel. For you, our services are completely free. Using our services will leave more money in your pocket, than booking anywhere else.

What are Magellan Luxury Hotels' hours?

We are open seven days a week.

Why only certain destinations?

By focusing on select cities, we can offer luxury hotels we know will deliver the quality experience you expect at a value you deserve. We are always working on new destinations. We can help find the right hotel for you anywhere in the world.

What happens if my rate drops after I book?

We want you to get the best rate ̶ our RateCheck ensures it. RateCheck reviews your reservation and if the hotel reduces their price outside of your cancellation period, we will re-book your stay at the reduced rate.

Why do I have to call?

We have very strong relationships with our hotels. Because of this, they give us exclusive rates on the condition we do not post them online. One of the best parts of our service is having a hotel experience consultant curate all the possible options down to a small collection of hotels for you to choose from. This luxury service is complimentary.

What is your cancellation policy?

We follow the hotel’s cancellation policies. We do not charge a separate fee to cancel a reservation. To cancel a reservation call 1-866-898-7202; we are available 7 days a week.

Who do I contact if I need more support?

We are always happy to help. Please call 1-866-784-6726; we are available 7 days a week.